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If you are looking forward to grabbing complete information about Mythdhr login because you are a part of the organisation, here you are the correct page. We understand the importance of keeping the employees in the lute. The need to remain informed about every small and big happening taking place in the organisation. Also, if they need to get their queries sorted, Mythdhr login portal would be the point for them.

MythDhr Login

 Mythdhr login is specifically meant for the staff members. It does not allow any kind of unauthorised access. Every organisation wants their employees to be happy and that is why Mythdhr login is made to help them.

Mythdhr basically stands for the home depot. It is one of the largest home improvement retailers in the entire USA that supplies construction products, services and tools. Founded back in 1978 by Bernard Marques, Ron Brill, Arthur Blank and Kenneth Langone, the company grew by leaps and bounds and is currently headquartered in Cobb County Georgia. It has the mailing address of Atlanta.


The workers and employees of Mythdhr can access payslips payroll information, schedule and communicate with the HR department. They can also find out about the important announcements of the company and keep themselves informed about every important activity taking place in their company. It is very easy to login at Mythdhr official website with the steps mentioned on this page.

MythDhr YourSchedule Login

You need to follow certain important steps for Mythdhr login –

  1. Visit the official website of Mythdhr using below Button
  2. State your location and also provide the user id and the password in the empty space available.
  3. Carefully check the details you have entered because the spelling of each needs to be correct.
  4. Click away the sign in option

What are the uses and benefits of Mythdhr?

  1. Helps to review your project outline information
  2. Helps you to view and publish tax statements
  3. Lets you access historic pay statements
  4.  allows you to change mailing address
  5. Helps you to access retirement plans
  6. Let you find out employee benefits
  7. Your entitlement for the profit sharing if the company is purchasing shares.
  8. $5000 per child for full time employees and $1500 for part-time workers.

What are the financial benefits at Mythdhr ?

  • Direct deposit
  • future builder employee stock
  • purchase plan

Services available at Mythdhr?

  • Career depot
  • life events
  • diversity and inclusion
  • Pay

What do I need to provide during Mythdhr login?

  • Mythdhr login official address
  • Login credentials such as user id and password
  • Internet browser
  • Digital gadget

How to manage if I forgot Mythdhr login password?

You need to immediately call the customer care centre and they will help you to get back your credentials.

Step by step guide for Mythdhr employee login –

It is very easy to access Mythdhr employee portal Through home depot website. there is a step by step guide for creating an account-

  • Launch the official address of
  • Towards the left hand side of the menu, you will be able to find self service time, attendance and schedule.
  • Choose the kronos time attendance and schedule option
  • Users need to choose a language
  • Provide Mythdhr credential that includes your password and the username
  • Choose the login
  • You will be able to access Mythdhr account using your mobile

If in case you want to view your payment details, just choose the pay option instead of schedule.

In case you have ever worked as a part of Mythdhr and need to access the self service portal of the website, it is very important to provide the date of birth and your last name. The last 4 social security numbers are also very important.

Step by step guide to reset Mythdhr username

Have you just forgotten your username?

You just don’t have to worry because we will tell you the process to retrieve things. Here are some simple steps that you need to follow in order to recover Mythdhr user name in the official website-

  • Visit the official website of Mythdhr and choose the login option
  • Choose the forgot username and password option right there
  • You will be expected to ask certain important questions that include your personal details such as name, employee ID etc.
  • After providing all the details correctly , choose the submit option.
  • Immediately that will give you your user name.
  • If in case you have still not received your username, get in touch with the concerned HR department.

Step by step guide for password recovery in Mythdhr account-

Unable to remember the password of your user account? Here we have got the steps to help you to recover it if your answer is yes.

  • Using your internet connection navigate to the official Mythdhr website and choose the kronos time option.
  • Choose the attendance and schedule option
  • Select the forgot username and password option
  • Choose to reset password
  • Provide the captcha code
  • Choose the submit option
  • You will eventually receive an email in your associated ID
  • Reset the password
  • click on the link and provide the new password

You should get in touch with the help desk if you are unable to reset the password even after following all the steps that we have included here.

Why should you use Mythdhr login portal?

There are so many benefits of using Mythdhr official website. The reason why we would recommend you to use because of the following reasons –

  • Employees can access their paycheck, paystub, payroll of payroll and other necessary information.
  • Helps you to view the published tax statements and also access previous information
  • You can set up direct deposit and change the direct deposit details including the bank details.
  • Helps you to view time details and enjoy paid leaves
  • Apply for holidays
  • Request change in schedule and find out the overtime payment

Mythdhr employee portal not only delivers a lot of convenience to the workers of the company but also helps them to find out some medical benefits. They can access details about medical insurance and accidental death.

There are million dollar advantages of using Mythdhr because it helps the workers to enjoy paid leaves every time. The company gives allowances to the workers and Mythdhr lets them access it all very easily.

Mythdhr organises a matching gift program in which it delivers employees with a lot of appreciation. Here is what the workers can get –

  • You will be receiving tuition reimbursement if you are a student and need money for higher studies.
  • Special needs dependant attendance
  • Delivers special discounts to the workers
  • Provides tobacco cessation program

The employees and the workers of the company are entitled to a lot of benefits than they actually know. By accessing the online official website of Mythdhr, they will be able to get details about employee self service, diversity and inclusions, taxes and pay.

 What is the importance of having an employee self service portal from a company?

The employee self service portal allows the users to edit and view important information. The self service keep in touch with the workers and demands them to regularly update the details so that whenever the company needs to communicate with the worker, it can readily do that without any hindrances. Any information regarding the taxes and benefits are easily communicated through the employee self service website.

The employees of the company on the other hand can change the tax withholding and manage the direct deposit information for stock they can view and print the historic tax statements and pay statements. That can activate a payroll card and enroll in for changing the homeowner fund.


How to register on Mythdhr with home depot ?

There is no need to register or sign up for Mythdhr official website. Every worker of the company is provided with unique credentials that can be used for signing in. Probably will be receiving the credentials during the company joining. If in case you have not received them, just get in touch with your HR department.

How to receive my w2 from home depot?

  • Visit the official website of reports self Service
  • You will be able to go through the pay and benefits option
  • choose the payroll and communication option
  • Choose the year for which you want to view the statement
  • Hit the print option

Why am I unable to log on to Mythdhr account?

If you have been constantly facing issues with your Mythdhr log in, the following steps can probably dissolve things –

  • Check out your internet connection of it is working well
  • refresh the browser
  • check out the username and the password
  • Select the browser settings and try to login to account using Mythdhr app

 How to logout of Myth dhr?

The moment you are able to to complete your work, just log out of the employee self service website. You should never leave the website logged in Because if There is some sort of misuse, you will be held responsible for that.

Why is website not working?

The problem might be with the server of the website or your internet connection. Make sure that you disable the antivirus if you have been using any. Also, wait for a couple of minutes and then try to visit again.

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