Fifteen Major Events that took place in 2020

 Fifteen Major Events that took place in 2020 Hello everyone,             The year 2020 has shown us something that we never had seen ever before. Keeping the CoVID-19 aside, many other events took place that might make you hate this year. Here are the 15 events which took place in 2020, which will be always remembered … Read more

 Crew 1 Mission Explained: NASA and SpaceX

 Crew 1 Mission Explained         SpaceX and NASA will launch four astronauts to the International Space Station on November 15, 2020, from Kennedy Space Centre Launch Complex 39. The SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft will lift off at 7:27 pm EST (5:57 am IST) for a six-month-long mission. It was scheduled to lift off at 2:00 am IST on November 14. The live … Read more

The Fifth mode of transport: HYPERLOOP

The Fifth mode of transport: HYPERLOOP Hello everyone,         In this fast running world, reaching somewhere on time or before the time is very crucial. Transportation services like airplanes make it feasible for us. But an entirely new transportation technology is being developed which is known as HYPERLOOP.  The hypothetical speed of a hyperloop is saying to be around 1200 … Read more

 The Story of Climbing K2 Peak by Ten Sherpas

 The Story of Climbing K2 Peak             Sometimes history does injustice to those people who deserve to be in history. Those who deserve to be remembered sometimes disappear into history. The historian has ignored or forgotten to write about many such personalities who were important at their respective times. They now become anonymous … Read more